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What A Funny Melon!

I was checking out the local Asian market (99 Market) in Las Vegas’ Chinatown when I found this funny melon.

The box said “Seedless watermelon” and I am a huge fan of watermelon. So I thought watermelon and it’s a new Asian kind I have never seen before YAY!

So, maybe you guys can help me figure out what this thing is. (I know I can look this up on the internet as well, but I wanted to involve you in this learning process.)  🙂

Please leave a comment below if you think you know what this is.

Hint: It was as big as a watermelon, had powdery white stuff on the outside, it was sort of spongy like a pumpkin inside, and had black seeds that kind of look like a Papaya seed.

It really didn’t have a lot of taste, so we may have cut it open before it ripened. We did juice it however and it had a subtle taste that made our veggie juice very creamy tasting, which was different and nice.

In order to get the most variety in your diet, try to use what you can find locally in order to come up with unique spin-offs from your regular raw foods list.

Be daring and try to find fresh, whole foods which you don’t normally, or perhaps have never eaten.

So this recipe below is the outcome of my new food adventure – Magenta!

I used beet, carrot, celery, orange, Asian melon, and lime juice as the base for this colorful smoothie.

I then added frozen raspberries, mangos and strawberries and a little coconut oil (optional).

Blog 004 Image 2       Blog 004 Image 3





I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Have a great day!

Much Love,

Kdawn Stone

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