What we do:


Whole, Living and Raw Food Rejuvenation Lifestyle Immersion & Support

The purpose of this “nutritional and lifestyle support” process is to teach you how to listen to your body and be your own expert, as no one is more suitably qualified to care for your body than you.

When we eat living, whole, and raw plant food, and lead a healthy lifestyle, we give ourselves the gift to evolve, heal and transform, thus rejuvenating our bodies.

Our goal is to teach you the skills that will support you in your ability to tune in to your body, mind and spirit, thus supporting your whole being in a natural state of intelligence, and leading to a vibrant body that is well cared for.

We live in an age of chemical toxicity, both in our environment and in the foods we eat. Most of the foods that are readily available to us are processed and devoid of nutrients, and our society is designed to promote sedentary lifestyles, and most of us do not get nearly enough physical activity. Because of these factors their is a proliferation of chronic illnesses in our society and many of us are suffering from the effects of lifestyle-related illness and disease.

In addition, many people unknowingly suffer from food sensitivities, food related allergies and emotional eating or cravings which are preventing them from reaching their optimal health and natural body weight.


Detoxification & Rejuvenation Retreat & Online Bootcamp Program

The “cleansing process” is the beginning of a new awareness and lifelong journey. Combine that with your power of intention or “willfulness” and you will begin to reshape your life and body in ways you may have never before known.

In this process we will support you to make better choices in the foods you consume in order to optimize your health. However, since changing your diet to 100% raw & whole foods too quickly can be tricky, we will teach you ways to prepare your foods and change your diet slowly, in order to gently support your detoxification process and nutritional needs.

The recipes chosen avoid using common allergy-causing, acidifying foods like red meat, chicken, eggs, shellfish, refined sugar, dairy products, wheat and gluten, and in their place we suggest a vast array of whole foods like: fresh produce, grains, nuts, seeds, sprouts, beans and other healthy foods.

Our goal is to make this process pleasurable, informational and fulfilling on every level, and you will find tastes, textures, colors, and fragrances to satisfy all of your senses. We will provide you with sample menus and shopping lists specifically designed to support your goals and needs. In addition, and this is what makes this process so unique, you will discover the specific health properties of the foods used and their effects on the body as a whole.

So relax and enjoy your exploration of this exciting new world of delightful, health-giving cuisine and along the way, think of how you can most enjoy incorporating these foods into your own diet.

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