The Importance of Detoxification

The digestive system is the center whereby people nurture themselves more than any other place in their bodies. We eat foods that are assimilated in the gut that supports us physically, but we also experience our emotions in the gut. Have you ever said “my stomach is tied up in knots”? There is a reason for this, and scientists are finding the gut has its own brain (a nerve complex at least). This reason that diet is so important, since our health and well-being all start with what we put into our bodies.

Regular detoxification is important, because as the digestive system becomes more and more detoxified, other parts of the body also begin to eliminate their toxic overload, and this creates more balance and peace in our lives.

Do you need to detox? A list of conditions that indicate you need to cleanse:

  • You have trouble losing or gaining weight
  • You are always tires and have trouble sleeping
  • You are constipated or have other gastrointestinal issues
  • You suffer from digestive problems
  • You regularly experience soreness in joints or muscles
  • You suffer from rashes, allergies or food sensitivity
  • You frequently suffer from headaches
  • You sweat more than usual
  • You suffer from bad breath or body odor even with regular bathing
  • You suffer from stress
  • You have mood swings
  • You feel depressed
  • You have a chronic illness or malfunction
  • Your body is over-acidity or over-alkalinity
  • You have taken antibiotics
  • You have flatulence after eating
  • You have dry and hard or foul-smelling stools
  • You have dark spots inside the autonomic nerve wreath in the iris of the eye
  • You have dry skin or have problems with itching

If you are experiencing three or more of these conditions you would benefit from doing a cleanse.

 Positive Benefits of a Detox:

  • Greater absorption of nutrients
  • Greater peristaltic action
  • Removal of bacteria, germs, and parasites the source of disease
  • Weight loss or gain
  • More energy
  • Sleep well
  • Allergies, and food sensitive and rashes get better or go away
  • The immune system gets stronger
  • The body achieves an inner harmony and balances
  • The skin improves
  • The hair is shiny
  • One will live a longer life
  • Clarity of mind
  • Greater flexibility
  • Freedom from Addiction

The Five Phases of Cleansing are:

Alternate Beginning Phase

  • Gentle Phase
  • Power Phase
  • Master Phase
  • Return Phase

The Alternate Beginning Phase or phase one, is where you will be eliminating sugar and all processed foods and caffeine from your diet.

The Gentle Phase is filled with eating raw and living foods and taking herbs (hopefully you are always in these first two phases).

The Power Phase  takes more commitment, strength, & determination, since in this phase you decrease solid food intake and start cleansing the digestive tract.

The Master Phase is when no meals are eaten, and instead a regular regimen of herbs and shakes  or juice are taken. This phase is usually a week long.

The Return Phase is when you start to slowly add solid foods back into your diet and is really a reverse-order of the previous phases.

A cleanse usually last four weeks (but can be any length) and cleansing is ideally done four times a year.

The conditions that will affect how well you will do on a cleanse are:

  • The physical, mental,  emotional, and spiritual condition you are in, including your attitudes and subconscious patterns
  • How closely you follow the cleansing instructions
  • How well you eat between cleansing
  • Which phase of the cleanse you are participating in at the moment.

In the Let Wellness Begin… program we will go through each step of each phase, outlining completely what you need to do detox. So, I hope you will join us as we break out or program next month after the “Successfully Change Your Diet” Seminar.

I am looking forward to supporting you further as you take this life changing step!

Let Wellness Begin…

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