The Importance of Pure Water

Because our bodies are made up of mostly water, it is important to be mindful about sufficient  hydration. I say sufficient, because there is no exact amount each person should drink, and in fact it varies by region, and from time to time for each person as well.

image05I once read a book called The Mutant Message Down Under – by Marlo Morgan, a fictional work about a doctor who goes on a “Walk About” with an Australian Aboriginal tribe, where she is taught how to live off the land and to use her intuition to guide the tribe to water and food.

While reading, I thought about my own lifestyle and about how easily and readily I found, what appeared to be, clean and pure water.

I am completely grateful that there is an abundance of water flowing to my tap so that I may shower, wash clothes and clean my house. I am however, a little concerned about the contamination of our shared water resources. Many people are drinking water that is contaminated to some degree and they don’t even realize or understand why they should care.

With all that said, I will tell you why we should care about our water and what we can do to change this worldwide epidemic of the lack of pure water resources.

It has been found that many of our water resources, if not all, in the United States are contaminated. Arsenic, Rocket Fuel, and pesticides, just to name a few contaminants, have been found in drinking water. The residents in the Central Valley of  California  have been warned not to let young children drink well/ground water because of the high levels of nitrites/nitrates in the water.

These nitrites/nitrates can bind to hemoglobin in the red blood cells of young children and prevent absorption of oxygen, thus leading to “blue baby syndrome”.  They are also showing that these same chemicals are ending up in the umbilical cords of newborn babies.

The overuse of pesticides is the number one factor in frog and other amphibian animals’ infertility in the United States and yet we are still being told it is safe to drink, cook with and shower in (showering and cooking account for the highest levels of  absorption of most of these environmental toxins).

So enough of the problem, let’s start looking image08 waterat solutions. If you have the means and or resources to save up and buy a water steam distiller machine and/or a Jerry can then you should do so.

Check Amazon, as I have found steam distillers that start at $100 and go up from there. We purchased the “Steam Pure Countertop water distiller” on Amazon because I get free prime shipping with my student email account.

Another great investment in water purification is the Lifesaver-Jerrycan. It can sustain an entire family of 4 for nearly a year.  This is the ultimate back-up for our water distillers in those times when we don’t readily have access to electricity.  They also have cup-sized v4 for nearly a year.

This is the ultimate back- up for our water distillers in those times when we don’t readily have access to electricity.  They also have a cup-size version of the Lifesaver Jerrycan that you can see in the image.

image07 water

image06 water

With this product you can have real purified water wherever you are at, as we have eliminated the bacteria, parasites and pollutants. However, by distilling water, we have also removed all of minerals and vitamins and we need to replace them.


This is how we do it – we make our own flavored mineral water. 🙂

It really is so simple. For the flavored image09 watermineral water in the picture, I have added sliced turmeric root (as turmeric is an anti-inflammatory) and sage. You could replace the sage with holy basil and get a cleansing,  calming effect. I add about ¼-½ T. Himalayan Sea Salt and a half a lime and lemon per Gallon container.

Another common recipe I use is: cucumbers sliced thin, Himalayan sea salt, mint and half each of a  lemon and a lime.

I really hope this article brings awareness to how important pure water is for our bodies and what you can do in order to sustain your and your loved ones’ needs.

More Tips on how we can create a pure water movement in our communities:

  1. Stop buying plastic bottled water. It is usually just filtered groundwater and chemicals (BPA) in the bottle  can not only  contaminated the water but is then sold to us for more than the price of oil! Instead, save up and buy  some kind of water purifier. Just stay away from anything that requires you to put more chemicals in in order to make the water pure. If you know that your local water is fairly free of contaminants, you can use a charcoal filter to remove the chlorine or chloramine that is added during water processing. If you do this, you need to change the charcoal regularly however.
  2. Stop buying bottled beverages – period! Most bottled beverage contain loads of sugar and other  toxins. As well,  every time we buy a bottle of water, soda, energy drinks or  other bottled beverages, we are giving more money to those companies that are greedily pumping our groundwater, contaminating it by bottling it in plastic, and then selling it to us, thus leaving fewer resources for the land where it was harvested from in the first place. Instead, simply carry around a glass container and refill it where you can (be sure to clean your container regularly). At least you are then only getting  any potential groundwater contaminants (as opposed to guaranteed plastic contaminants) and you’re even saving some pretty cash too!
  3. STOP using pesticides and other harsh chemicals, beauty products and cleaning agents. If you wouldn’t want to eat it, then don’t let it touch your skin. Does it make sense that we pay money for chemicals that we then spray all over our bodies and/or homes/yard where it  then gets rinsed off into the drinking water that we consume? I feel our current lack of pure water should speak for itself quite clearly. We are one whole planet and we cannot hide from our ignorance and the pollution we create any longer. When we are contaminating the umbilical cords where we we hold our most precious creations, our babies, then we need to make a change. Instead, we should learn new ways to be in balance with our environment. Research and teach yourself to be more aware and conscious of everything you buy. Ask yourself, would I eat this product?
  4. Buy Organic! This will support and encourage all farmers to use sustainable farming practices and not use toxic pesticides in the first place.

I am sure there are many more suggestions that could be made. If you have ideas of any other ways you can contribute, please add them in the comments section below.

“Give love all ways and in ALL ways!” – KDawn Stone

5 Comments on “The Importance of Pure Water

  1. I really enjoyed your audio on eating healthy where this isn't much organic veg available.  I live in Alaska.  It's a real problem.  Thank you. 
    • Kelly,

      Thanks for your kind encouraging words. It really is the way of the master to be a champion of others. Quantum Science has proven that when we look close enough there is no way to tell where I end and you begin even if we are touching. I truly believe that proof like this is cause to give love to all and in all ways. So the fact that you took the time out of your schedule to compliment me, is in my eyes a tribute to your character. :D  Be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming FREE 3 part video series.

      Best Wishes,


  2. Well, thank you. I was just thinking how timely your email was and how it was just what I needed to hear but I have no idea how I got on your email list. I'm thankful but curious, so we must be connected.  You knew what I needed and sent it.  I had a sick day on the couch and read all your information. I watched the videos on Facebook and enjoyed all of it.  Seriously, veganism has been a hot topic in our house.  I could never eat only raw, or even 75 %.  I don't think it's logical for Alaska.  The temperatures here require a 
    • More heat in us.  I had a friend that was on a raw food diet last January and I saw her do herself more harm than good.  My struggle is getting my husband and kids on board so that I'm not making two different meals all the time.  Any tips on that?   Thank you again! 
      • Kelly,

        It is true that if you don’t know what you are doing and don’t eat a well-balanced raw food diet (or any diet for that matter) that you can do more harm than good. The key to getting your family on board is to start with raw items that they already love and increase the amount of those that you eat (who doesn’t love fruit). As well, you can slowly start increasing the amount of veggies and other raw items that complement what they normally eat. Add veggies to entree items and slowly decrease the portions of meat, dairy, etc. Be sure that as you reduce the amount of meat and dairy that you increase the amount of beans, nuts and healthy protein/fat rich foods.




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