Other Superfoods

Green Superfoods have some of the highest concentrations of easily digestible nutrients of any superfood. They contain fat burning compounds, vitamins and minerals, protective phytochemicals, protein and other nutrients that protect and heal the body. Green Superfoods contain healthy bacteria that aid function of your digestive system and boost your immune system to more effectively protect you against disease and illness. Green superfoods are extremely rich in chlorophyll – the pigment that gives plants their green color.


Superfoods are those edibles which are found in nature and are a superior source of essential nutrients. These foods are packed with enzymes and essential nutrients which our bodies need and can’t make on their own.


Adding sprouts to your diet is an easy way to gain energy, vitality and better health, and green sprouts are essential chlorophyll and nutrient packed superfoods. As well, since sprouts can easily and inexpensively be grown on your kitchen counter, they can be eaten fresh all year round. Keep reading to find out more about sprouts and what they can do for you!