Gratitude will increase your JOY!

Giving thanks will improve your health. Did you know that gratitude will not only increase your joy in life, but will actually limit your stress response and may even enhance your immune function! Studies show that…


As Thanksgiving approaches, this is a time to acknowledge and savor the beauty and pleasure in our lives and reflect on what we are grateful for. Learn how keeping a Gratitude Journal can help you do this and find out how to get started down the path of becoming a more thankful person.

Gratitude for Three Major Functions of Life

What we choose to eat, drink and breathe determines how we express compassion and mindfulness for ourselves. The life force that we take into our body every day comes from the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. Together these elements create and sustain life. We are either joyfully alive or suffering in the pain and loss that comes with living.