Skintastic Face Mask

Skintastic Face Mask
Recipe Type: Other
Cuisine: Other
Author: KDawn Stone
Summary This mask is good for healing acne, skin rashes, bug bites, puffiness, redness, brightens, etc. This mask will make your skin glow healthy and it’s not just the organic turmeric. It is really simple to make. It is alkaline, anti-inflammatory, and rejuvenating. I use E3- Live (Blue Green Algae) in this recipe and I love all the healing and rejuvenating benefits that it has. However you can substitute with wheat grass since it is comparable to blue green algae and also has lots of enzymes, nutrients and is high alkaline. I prefer the E3 -Live because I personally think it is like wheat grass on steroids and it tastes much better. I hope you like it as much as I do. [url href=”” target=”_blank”]Click this link to purchase[/url].
  • 1 T E3-Live which is a blue green algae that is high in alkaline. (You can substitute 1 T wheat grass fresh pressed juice)
  • Dash or two of fresh organic Turmeric powder (6 months or fresher is preferred)
  1. Combine the two ingredients on a small plate or bowl until combined.
  2. Gently dab onto skin until face is covered.
  3. Let it dry until it feels like it is dry and flaking off, approximately 10 to 15 min.
  4. Wash your face with purified cold water. (purify water by boiling for at least 1 min. Remember to refrigerate so it is cold).
  5. Moisturize and enjoy your glow.
  6. [url href=”” target=”_blank”]Click on this link to purchase your E3[/url] – I hope you love it as much as I do!
E3-Live is a blue green algae that is usually consumed as a nutritional supplement. I like to think of it as wheat grass’s older, stronger, super hero cousin. If you’ve ever taken wheat grass, you know the benefits but if you’re like me, you might gag every time you drink it. Because let’s be honest the taste is awful! I’d like to say that E3-live when combined with a simple fruit smoothie is amazingly delicious! If you have it plain, it is a bit earthy but has never made me gag.[br]Tip – If you find residual turmeric is getting on the sheets or staining your face yellow, just use a clean gentle face wash cloth when removing your mask.[br](However I like to leave a little on as I feel it is slowly absorbed into the skin and works the best this way as an anti- inflammatory.)[br]Note: In order to cure my acne which I believe to be a hormonal unbalance I have been using some supplements. (BTW nothing has worked better than just keeping a clean diet with lots of green smoothies and fresh veggie juices.) However I do feel this product is an herbal supplement that helps balance the hormones. It’s called Balance for women and Might for men. You can find these products online at:[br]Thanks for reading my blogs. Please comment and share with your friends!


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