Nature VS Nurture

There has been a lot of debate around the question of Nature VS Nurture. Are we born with bipolar, ADD, ADHD, Schizophrenia, diabetes, and other “genetically passed down disorders” or are these merely adverse side effects and symptoms of our foods?

I recently read a very insightful book that talks about the correlation between what we eat and our behavior.

Barbara Reed Stitt’s book Food and Behavior: A Natural Connection states that when people with unwanted behaviors were asked what their diet consisted of, it was found that they all had diets high in sugar, gluten and processed foods.

This author first discovered this food and behavior correlation by observing the way she felt when she ate certain foods like sugar, starch, alcohol and gluten as opposed to fresh nutrient dense foods.

Self-observation means that we are aware of our own behaviors and actions.  When we are babies we become aware of our hands and feet and learn how to move our bodies through or world based on that understanding.

Then after learning about our physical world we learn about our mental world and then hopefully spiritual worlds and beyond. In her book, Barbara Reed Stitt talks about her own journey to wellness, and how  she became more self-observant and was able to allow her body to communicate which foods were agreeable to it or not. 

If you are still coming to terms with what your body is or isn’t in agreement with, then I suggest starting a journal. This journal should include every aspect of your day, be fun, and tell all that’s on your mind.

Don’t strain to think of things, it should flow like a faucet of thoughts. Sometimes we are aware but not until we talk about it. This is you talking  with yourself, so open yourself up to inner growth and reflection, and be your own best friend.

This means not talking crap about yourself or having negative thoughts about your process unless…… are willing to work out why. What I mean is, try to really get some answers out of yourself.

Get real and ask yourself questions like: Who am I and what is my purpose? Try to notice whether you are writing uplifting and inspiring things or are you writing negative and self-destructive thoughts?

Be mindful that our thoughts become our reality. Journal about dreams, aspirations and goals. Be your biggest cheerleader. Love yourself up. Let wellness begin……

Eternally grateful,


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