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Coaching Programs:

All of our coaching programs are paid one-year programs. We only offer one-year programs because, frankly, that is what works! Most diet programs give you a limited diet to help you lose weight, but that is it. We have seen time and again where individuals lose weight and feel great on these programs, but within a short period of time after completing the program, they gain back all the weight they lost.

We believe that in order to be successful on a diet and to permanently lose weight and reach optimum health that you need the following:

  • You need to understand what your individual body needs to in order to reach optimum health.
  • You need to understand food, how to prepare it, and how much of it you need and when.
  • You need to know how to shop and how to consume when you are not preparing your meals.
  • You need to understand how to stay physical, how to exercise effectively and how to do it safely.
  • You need to understand how to meet your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social needs.
  • If your current diet, activity and health are seriously lacking, you need to understand how to transition and the healing process.

We have created the following programs to fit everyones needs and help you succeed:

Group Membership: The Group Coaching Program is our simplest program and was really designed as a maintenance program to provide ongoing support to those that have already been through an individualized coaching program. This program may also work for those who already have significant dietary and health knowledge and want the support of a group as well as additional resources.

Extended Group Membership: The Extended Group Coaching Program goes one step further and provides group demonstration sessions not available in the basic group coaching.For those that are motivated and can take advantage of all of our resources, this program may work to help some people change their diet.*Note that anyone is able to join a group program at any time, but that we encourage anyone who has yet to participate in our individualized coaching to do so before joining a group program.

Inner Circle Membership: The Inner Circle Individualized Coaching Program is designed to tailor a diet and healthy lifestyle program specifically to you and your needs. We will do a complete intake assessment to determine your goals and needs and tailor a diet and physical activity program that will set you on the path to meeting those goals. Those that have significant health challenges or needs should consider the Full Support Individualized Coaching Program.

Full Support Membership: The Full Support Individualized Coaching Program is designed for those who have no knowledge of how to get started changing their diet, know they are on the typical unhealthy American diet, or have significant health challenges or needs. This program also provides a complete intake assessment to determine your goals and needs and tailors a diet and physical activity program specific to your needs. As well, this program will provide more one-on-one coaching sessions to help support you in your transition and if desired we will work directly with your health care provider or registered dietitian to support your healing. Anyone who is serious about reaching optimum health or has serious health concerns should consider this program.

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Our retreats are intensive programs in beautiful settings with like-minded individuals that are designed to provide loads of information in a short period of time. Our retreats are designed to support you in reaching your specific goals and compliment our coaching programs. Although priority is given to those in our Individualized Coaching Programs, the retreats are also open to those not in our coaching programs.
3 & 7 Day Detoxification Retreats:

3 & 7 Day Whole, Living, Raw Foods 101:

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Other Resources:

Online Bootcamps:

Online & Local Seminars:


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