Give Love Always, and In ALL Ways

“Give love always, and in ALL ways. “ – KDawn Stone

I have been raw for 7 years and what I am most grateful for is the awareness and self-love I have obtained through my acts of discipline and my new lifestyle choices.  In the past I had always seen myself as separate from others and I often secluded myself. I was also my own worst critic and I wasn’t happy.

One day a few years after going raw I came to a realization that I wasn’t separate from the Earth, or any of the people in it.  That the choices I made were affecting the way people around me acted and the way my environment around me appeared.

Deepak Chopra has been quoted as saying that we owe it to science for proving God. What he meant by that is that through new scientific evidence we have proven that we are all connected in space.

Because there is no clear definition between where the atoms and molecules in my hand stop and where the keyboard at my fingertips starts.  If you’d like to read further into this Quantum science, I have attached an article link straight from Deepak Chopra at the end of this blog.

It was through this understanding of Quantum science that I finally felt like I could accept my world as a beautiful and amazing part of me.

God, for me, is everything in us, the energy around us, and the entire Universe.

I traveled a lot of the world during my junior college years and I remember having the perspective that I was the outsider among my peers.

I remember how lonely it felt to not be able to connect with people. Then a mentor came into my life that was very real with me and spoke so many truths that resonated with me, that my world is now forever changed.

For her I am Eternally Grateful! During this time, I had been journaling (a hobby of mine) with markers, stickers and other crafty things, and I remember feeling that deep seated feeling of separation from something.

I was journaling and traveling, and all the while learning how far away from the truth I was. Everything is a process. In order for the seed to grow, it  must be planted,  given water, and it needs to rest in the dark of night and the sun by day.

We also grow over time. During this process, if we allow ourselves to see the connectedness of ourselves and our environment, we can blossom into a conscious and aware being, in peace and harmony with life and all its challenges.

Now that I know that I am not separate from my brothers and sisters, the animals, the water and so forth, I know that I want to practice self-love by treating all life on this planet, including the planet herself, with equality and empathy, just as if it were myself, my child, or my mother.

My Motto “Give love always and in ALL ways” is a reflection of how I see no separation in my world, as it is from this frame of mind that I can truly live a responsible life, knowing I am the creator of my life.

I bring this all up as a stretch for you to lovingly support growth and wisdom. Love yourself and the world by trying to choose better choices for yourself.

Much Love,

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  1. Sincere thanks for the free summit .  . I am a senior who just got an ipad.  I was pleasantly  surprised that i could get access to the summit!    I told a few friends about your website. I listened and replayed many interviews . I learnt  so very much and am motivated to go raw. Could you kindly recommend some juicers and also blenders for a SINGLE  SENIOR?   What is your opinion of the   Nutribullet ? Sincere gratitude and may God bless you richly, mary      
    • Mary,

      I am so thankful for your attendance as well.

      It is inspiring to know that we are making a difference in the world.

      I recommend the Vita Mix Blender if you buy this from Costco you can get a life time warranty. 

      However I have used the Nutribullet and have found it doesn’t always blend the ice or frozen fruit thoroughly and I end up with chunks in my smoothie.

      If you want a low cost blender I have bought many Oster blenders in the past.

      Although they are good blenders I am noticing they aren’t lasting very long 1yr tops. L

      As far as juicers I know the Breville Juice Fountain is what I have had for years now and I love it. It can be found for around $150-200. It also comes in a cheaper version called the Breville Juice Fountain Compact and I believe you can get that one for around $80. I have a few friends who have this model and they love it.

      Please feel free to ask us questions whenever we are always here to help. :D

      Many Blessings,




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