Why Coaching and Support Are Important

My $4,000 Snowboarding Lesson

There are some learning curves you can go it alone. Like yoga. And then there’s snowboarding. When you’re just starting out, sometimes the biggest lesson is to take a lesson, or 40.

Here’s my story:

I love being physical and feeling alive, and snowboarding is a perfect mix of both. The first time I snowboarded, I had a friend try to teach me, but I could not overcome my fears to really give it a go, so I sort of shimmied down the mountain.

I was really determined to learn how to snowboard, however, and even though people kept telling me to take a lesson, I insisted I could learn on my own (albeit at a cost greater than $100 per lesson). By the end of my first year, I had become confident in my abilities and was really getting speed. One beautiful late spring afternoon, I slipped on some ice and broke my right wrist, and the base of my left thumb bone had a hairline fracture. I was $4,000 in debt to the bone specialist who did my X-ray and cast my arm. So I learned two valuable lessons that day:

Lesson #1: Wrist guards are super supportive and protect our wrists from break or injury. (Ironically, I was told I would’ve learned this in my first lesson if I had taken one.)

Lesson #2: A mentor, teacher or coach can guide you into mastering things that are challenging. I could’ve gotten 40 lessons for the cost of what I paid to get a cast put on my arm.

Snowboard-Coaches - 275Throughout my life, I’ve had teachers, mentors, coaches and spiritual leaders who have taught me all I know about what I perceive to be my lifestyle and the way I interact with the world.

I feel that because of their support and teachings, I have become masterful enough in my life to create the fun adventurous life I desire.

My point is that in order to become successful at anything, we need to first know that it is possible to be, do or have what we desire. Secondly, it doesn’t hurt to have a trailblazer to help show you the exact steps to take in order to become successful. This is evident in any school-pupil-teacher system.

Our wellness coaching at Let Wellness Begin… incorporates all the support of a classroom setting via Facebook social groups, online trainings, seminars and one-on-one coaching. Our coaches are skilled and trained in Raw Nutrition 101, culinary skills, biomedical science and personal effectiveness, and have many years of life coaching under their belts.

Here are 3 ways you can increase community and support now in your life to ensure you meet your health and wellness goals:

  1. Join groups. Get on the Internet and research groups like Meetup and others on Craigslist. Join them, attend meetings, festivals, hobby groups, lectures and collect as much info as you can. Pretty much surround yourself with people who are going where you want to go.
  2. Accountability. Hold yourself accountable by declaring to everyone what your goals are and ask them to support you in staying strong. Have them champion you as if you were an athlete playing a game.
  3. Get a coach. Get an accountability coach, someone who knows the challenges you will be facing on your journey and who will guide you to your finish line and more.


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