An Autumn Feast

One of the really important things to remember when you are eating Fruit is to eat it when it’s in season. How can you tell when fruit is in season? By going to the Farmers Market and get recently picked Living Fruit that has been grown in your local area. Some of the fruits I enjoy  that are now in season (in the US) are grapes, peaches and pears!


To choose a ripe Peach you simply smell it (it should have a sweet, floral, peach smell) and make sure it is not hard by touching lightly (it should have some give without being mushy).



Pears are best chosen green and ripened at home. They will yellow and start to soften as they ripen.





Here is how to tell when Grapes aregreen grapes the sweetest.  The Seedless Green Grapes should actually be turning a yellowish color.

Test them out by taking one of the green ones and comparing it to one that is turning yellow. Taste the yellow one first and then the green one and you’ll never forget that taste test (the green grape will be almost bitter in comparison).

The Red Seedless Grapes should be a deep red and not just a slightly reddish hue.  Try the taste test again, comparing the deep red, almost wine colored  grape first, and then the slightly reddish grape after.  You’ll know from now on which ones are the best.

red-grapes-on_21220217Those fruits with the richest color are always a very good indicator of the ripeness of the grapes.  Of course make sure they are firm and not too ripe or mushy, and always watch out for mold on grapes.

Grapes are one fruit that you can eat alone and be totally satisfied! Even so, here is a great recipe if you want to eat then in a fruit salad.



Fruit for Breakfast

Take ¼ pound of (washed) Red Seedless Grapes and ¼ pound of (washed) Green Seedless Grapes and put them into a bowl (take off stems).  Take a fork and slightly mash them, just enough to get a few of them broken up and to get some juice in the dish.  Then add a touch of fresh finely minced ginger, 1 sliced banana and finally a ½ cup of Coconut Kefir will add just the right touch of flavor and loads of nutrition.

If grapes are not your thing, try adding any of your favorite fruits to this recipe. Soaked chia seed can also be added for extra protein and energy.

Fruit is so delicious and nutritious that I always eat either fresh fruit or a green smoothie made with fruit in the morning for breakfast. Reward yourself with something each day that’s incredible because that’s what you are… unique, special and incredible!

Linda Stone

Linda Stone

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