The principles of healthy eating and lifestyle that we live by at Let Wellness Begin… have been brewing for over half a century. Linda Stone was reading about healthy nutrition in high school and Jeff stone was studying Linda’s books and other resources when he was still in grade school.
Growing up we made our own bread, pizza dough and pasta that was ground from whole wheat. We made our own yogurt and butter out of raw milk that came from our cows. We collected eggs from our chickens and had enough fruits and vegetables from our garden to last all year long. We had loads of potatoes, corn and zucchini squash, but we also grew tons of different green leafy vegetables, melons, different squashes, root vegetables, berries, grapes and various fruits and nuts.
Alternating between living in the city and our families ranch, we did eat meat, but meat wasn’t the centerpiece of our meals, rather it complemented the vegetables, grains and other plant-based food items that comprised the bulk of our food. Like most people in the USA, we also consumed a lot of dairy. It wasn’t until we became more conscious that we realized we had to be smart about limiting dairy consumption.
Being Physically active and eating mostly plant-based diets, most of us have had pretty good health all of our lives. Even so, we definitely recognize the difference between optimal eating and health and just average health on an average healthy diet.
What is an average healthy diet?
There are probably a million different answers, but generally it is one that is largely free of refined and fast food items. It is a diet that limits saturated fats and foods high in simple sugars. A diet that is focused on vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts and seeds.
Today we have different diets, with some of us being mostly raw and others of us eating a wider variety of foods. While we don’t encourage eating animal products, some of us do eat limited amounts of lean meats like fish as well as some eggs, mostly because we enjoy them and some things are hard to give up when you grew up on them. Even so, you would be hard pressed to ever find any of us in a fast food restaurant and most of us would likely have a very upset tummy if we were to eat there.
We would love to hear your story and hope that you are encouraged by ours.