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KDawn StoneI am an Animator, Mentor, Hostess of the 2013 Dare 2 Be Raw Virtual Summit and Founder of LetWellnessBegin… & Kay’s Kitchen. I am passionate about supporting the world to become conscious eaters and masters of love. My quote “Give love always and in ALL ways” is a reminder of how we can create a WE planet, void of pain and suffering and abundant in equality. I believe this is possible through our individual realization of the interconnectedness of each of us to one another and our planet.

With a strong passion for raw, whole, living foods and a desire to return to a natural self-sustainable world, I and my fiance are looking to relocate to a farm where we can grow an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies. I will be recording this journey so that others have a realistic idea of what the process looks like. Keep an eye out for future Vlogs in our newsletter. I also plan to feature Kay’s Kitchen animated recipes & cartoons that your entire family can enjoy.
Position Statement:  My position on wellness is that I eat 80-90% raw fruits, veggies, nuts and the other 20-10% I choose to live in the moment. What does living in the moment mean? It means that if I choose to have something that isn’t raw it is merely because I am taking life in the moment. This may mean I may add a bit of cooked food to a meal or I may eat out and have an entire meal that is cooked. I feel it is important for me to indulge in life in each moment. This helps me to feel as though I am not missing out on any of life’s experiences and helps to discourage any addictive behaviors that may arise from the suppression of those experiences. Eating in the moment also helps me to remember why I eat all those amazing raw fruits and veggies as I can noticeably feel the difference when I eat cooked foods to raw foods and each time I go to make a food choice I become more aware that I want to pick the foods that make me feel great.
However wellness doesn’t only include nutrition, it also includes physical health and emotional well being. Physically I try to stay active by doing 20 to 90 minutes daily of yoga, walking, or some other full body movement. I balance my emotional well being by taking time for myself when I am starting to feel unfocused. I also feel that my thoughts are pertinent to how I feel and my overall energy. I do my best to maintain a state of gratitude devoid of negativity, as I feel this brings about my inner peace and raises my overall well being. When I am mindful of the balance of all three of these aspects I feel I truly have well being and I feel capable to take on all of life’s challenges. The more I practice this awareness the more I become in tune with what my body desires and needs in order to truly enjoy this beautiful life and all it’s experiences.

Linda 2Linda StoneAs a young girl, I spent many long hours sitting at the table – strong-willed and determined – refusing to eat the meat I was served. My vision to someday become an advocate of whole foods began as a high school senior, where I earnestly began studying books on nutrition.

After bearing eight children, and because of emotional eating habits I struggled to maintain a healthy weight, and at one point weighed over 200 pounds. I knew I had to do something, and so I continued my earlier studies with many prominent nutritional leaders, including the Wigmoore program and the Optimal Health Institute and I began my self-transformation.

I now eat homegrown organic foods, and proudly proclaim that “I have my own Farmers Market.” With my weight now under control, I have taught weight loss and detox to many students, providing them with nutrition and lifestyle skills that support rejuvenation,regeneration and an overall well-being. I am a Medicine Woman with the Oklevueha Native American Church and my approach to wellness is to have clients build a life around them that is in harmony and balance with nature. I also lecture and coach others on how to grow a sustainable backyard garden.
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Jeff SmileJeff Stone – I have been studying health & nutrition, physical fitness & medical wellness, herbology, spirituality and science all of my life. As a young boy, I studied my mother’s books on nutrition, nutritional & herbal healing, yoga, and anything I could find on physical fitness. I have always known that I wanted to be either a physician or a scientist, and because of my mother’s wonderful influence, have always wanted to help others.

I worked as an Emergency Medical Technician, Nurse and Physical Therapy Assistant while in the United States Navy. After the Navy, I obtained a BS in Biology and Biochemistry, from California State University, Hayward, and then obtained a PhD in Biomedical Science from the University of California, San Francisco, where I focused on Virology, Immunology and Vaccinology.

While I have always had a good Whole Foods diet, over time I lost focus. When I then ran a half-marathon at the age of 43, I noticed that my body was starting to take longer to heal and recuperate. A couple years later, after the birth of our beautiful daughter Olive, I found that I was sluggish, had more aches and pains, and started to get more bodyfat than I had ever had. This was a wakeup call for me, and I have since renewed my commitment to regular physical activity (mostly yoga, weightlifting, biking, running or other aerobic exercise) and cleaned up my diet by limiting the sweets and fried foods that I had been consuming. I am finally starting to feel better again and I am now more convinced than ever of the necessity of a good diet and physical activity. 

My recent lifestyle changes and subsequent improved health have personalized for me my lifelong belief in the power of good nutrition and regular physical activity for optimal wellness. Because of this experience and the dedicated efforts of my Sister and Mother to start this program and to help others with Let Wellness Begin’s Rejuvenation Program, I am now dedicating myself to supporting those who seek to improve their health and wellness through diet and a healthy lifestyle. I wants to share the knowledge and experience that I have gained over the past 34 years and to enable and support those of you who are seeking to change your diet and lifestyle in order to improve your health and happiness.

Position Statement: I consider my diet position to be one of eating whole foods with my food choices being driven by how I feel in the moment as I pay close attention to my body and my needs. Having grown up eating a healthy diet and being very physically active, I am quickly able to tell when something isn’t good for me or if my body is out of balance. Of course, that doesn’t mean I have always been disciplined in following my intuition and understanding of what I need, but that is my life endeavor, to make those good choices in the moment.

If you were to ask what my diet is I couldn’t say raw (or some percent raw) even though I eat many raw foods, I couldn’t say vegan (even though the majority of what I eat is vegan), and I couldn’t claim any specific diet except that the majority of my foods are organic, whole, and living foods that I know will support my body, mind and spirit in optimum health.

I compliment my diet with regular physical activity that includes hiking, biking, running, yoga, swimming, tai chi, rock climbing, gardening and sports. I love to run around at the park with my daughter and granddaughter and they keep me young in body and heart.

222278_21430595248_6189_nKaren Stone –  My life story is all about change. Although I grew up eating healthy foods and had a healthy lifestyle, when I left home I started eating yummy, yet unhealthy, foods. As well, at the age of 14, I started partying and losing control to addiction, but I got clean in 1990 and shortly after started my little family. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to cater raw foods from 2004-2009, and through this experience, I fell in love with the benefits of raw food. Since then, I have incorporated raw foods into my diet and have experienced many benefits in my health. I have a Bachelors in Human Development and over the past 23 years, I have had the privilege of helping many addicts change their lives. I recognize that anyone can change if they want to, and I am excited to meet each of you and assist you on your own path of change.

I am a living example of the possibilities for change and growth!

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