My 30 Year Old Vita-Mix

I have had my Vita-Mix since I was a young man, and before that it had been used by my mother since I was a small child. I figure it is at least 30 years old and has blended thousands of gallons of delicious smoothies, soups, nut butters, dressings, and more.

The Vita-Mix is amazing! You have probably seen those videos where they turn a block of wood into a pile of sawdust with the Vita-Mix. These videos are not a trick, as these blenders are built strong and built to last. While I personally don’t suggest you actually blend wood, I do encourage you to blend greens, nuts, fruits and other delicious foods (or non-edibles like minerals, as my mom blends her azomite pellets into powder with her Vita-Mix

All of the recipes that we have posted or provided as well as the demonstration videos that we have done are all prepared with the Vita-Mix. You can make just about any blended or ground product in a Vita-Mix and it makes crushing ice a breeze. Just throw all of your ingredients in and let it rip! If you don’t have a powerful blender like this, it is going to be hard to create the great recipes that we have available for you.

I especially love that Vita-Mix is a health-conscious company and that they not only make blenders, but they educate consumers on how to use the blender to make healthy, tasty and nutrient-rich foods.

While the standard warranty on most Almond-Milk-Vita-Mix - 400of these blenders is 7 years, my experience shows that these blenders will long outlive even an extended warranty.

We also have a Vita-Mix 5200 in the family and my next purchase is going to be the Vita-Mix 5200 Deluxe – Complete Kitchen. This blender comes with both 32 oz and 64 oz containers, as well as a 32 oz grain container for cracking/blending grains into meal or flour. Your blender will even come with cookbooks that have many amazing recipes.

If the 7 year warranty doesn’t convince you, Vita-Mix also offers a 30 day in-home trial. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your blender, just return it to Vita-Mix for a full refund. They even pay the return shipping.

If you would like to buy the Vita-Mix 5200 Deluxe – Complete Kitchen or any other Vita-Mix product, or if you need accessories for your existing Vita-Mix blender, click the “Add to cart” button and qualify for free shipping.


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