10+1 Dads Who Totally Rocked Father-Daughter Halloween

We’re familiar with fairy princess Halloween costumes, and certainly they are adorable, but nothing quite warms my heart like seeing some dads take open-mindedness to a whole new level during this festive time of year. Dad’s who aren’t too cool to play the fool are the best!

Rather than encouraging daughters to go the Disney-princess route or the cute, furry-animals route, these dads fully embraced the idea of gender-blind costumes and even dressed up with their cool kid.

Here are 10+1 father-daughter costumes not to be forgotten this Halloween.

1. Han Solo and Leia

Han Solo and Princess Leia daddy & daughter duo.
“When your daughter says she wants to be Han Solo…” this was one dad’s response.

2. This amazing Frozen spectacle

“My friend has a lot of daughters. Dad level 9000 for Halloween this year.”

3. Vader and Vader

Vader & little vader
Who says little girls can’t be Darth Vader and a princess for Halloween?

4. Super Dad’s Super Daughters

Super family!
Superwoman, Spiderwoman, and X-men Dad respectively.

5. The Zombie Hunter and the Hunted

Dad cool enough to be a walker.
When your daughter says she wants to be a zombie hunter and this is how you respond, that’s quality.

6. Big Bad Wolf and Little Red

Creative daddy & daughter twist on a famous fairytale.
Not what you’d expect and yet so much better.

7. Pink Ballerinas

Ballerinas rocking it!
Because where would a dancer be without her dance partner?

8. Wayne and Garth

Like, totally!
Best buds for life.

9. Mike Wazowski and Sully

Who doesn’t love Monster’s Inc.?
“Daughter loves Mike Wazowski and had no idea I was dressing up with her this year. How’d I do?” Very well, Dad. You did very well.

10. Marty and the Doc

Back to the Future daddy & daughter.
Her face. I can’t even. It’s too wonderful.

+1. Little Mermaid

Ursula, King Triton and Ariel, the Little Mermaid.
This is how we rocked it as a family this year.
Adapted from an article by Linda Barsi at www.worldlifestyle.com

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